Legendary Friends:
Make Real Friends for Life

Legendary Friends teaches how to make good friends and maintain good friendships. We support you to improve and deepen your friendships. That is our work.

My name is Georg Preller. I have conducted extensive research to discover how to find the right friends and how you can create stable and legendary friendships. While much of our knowledge comes from exceptional and leading scientists, our greatest learning happens in our workshops and events. Here, we experience firsthand how connecting with the right people truly works and feels so fulfilling.

The quest of belonging is in all of us. Once fulfilled, it is nourishing and enchanting, and gives power to many areas of one’s life.

Our approach is: Learn friendship from people. Try out end experience what feels right and good – to have more fulfilling friendships and a vibrant life. Welcome to Legendary Friends.

Legendary Friends hiking in the mountains. Photo: Felix Rostig at unsplash.com (edited)
One of our insights at Legendary Friends: Friendship is about experience - Great adventures are a good starter for a great friendship. And: Adventures also the keep friendship fresh. Photo: Felix Rostig at unsplash.com (edited)

💫 Friends Are Crucial, Fun and Feel Good

Respected studies show: “Having Good Friends” is the most important thing for 85 per cent of the population. It is more important than having a good partnership, a trained body, or a successful career.

Most things that people do daily are either aimed at creating or maintaining a good partnership or good friendships (with the right people). People invest a lot of time and money to be attractive to the right people and hope to get good contact.

At Legendary Friends we believe: Why going all the detours if you could do the right things directly and connect easily with the right people?

That’s why I created Legendary Friends. To help people find the right friends and create good friendships.

Above all: We found out which skills are most beneficial for good friendships – and we teach them to the world.

For more legendary friendships. For more happy people.

For a more peaceful world. For a more vibrant world.

📕 eBook on Friendship

Most of our research is published in German.

However, the core of our research was recently translated into English: The 6 Fundamental Secrets of Legendary Friends – The Guidebook on How to Create Great Friendships for Life.

Because friends are so important, I decided to give the eBook for free to people who receive our newsletter.

I am happy you are here! There has to be much more friendship out in this world.

If you are very happy with your friendships – congratulations!

Maybe you know someone who is not happy, who feels lonely. Current statistics show, that 46 per cent of the people in Germany feel lonely more often than they want to.  Maybe you can help one of them by sending a link to this page.

🎆 Workshops and Trainings

At Legenday Friends, you find workshops and trainings on how to become friends, create great friendships or maintain your valuable friendships. We offer workshops and trainings in English and German.

On Meetup you can subscribe to the groups and get informed first as soon as a new training or workshop is announced there.

🌍 Newsletter

Sometimes we offer trainings and workshops with other organization and institutions. These will be announced in our newsletter. We will also let you know when valueable research about friendships is available from our side.

The German speaking newsletter is available once a month. If that is interesting for you, please subscribe here:

🌳 Hiking with Legendary Friends

Hiking is a wonderful: it allows you to exercise your body in a healthy manner, you breathe in the fresh forest air deep into your lunges, listen to the melodious songs of birds, and grant your soul the freedom it deserves.

When you go hiking with people, we give you the opportunity. During a hike there is plenty of time to have good and meaningful conversations with you fellow hikers. Sometime we inspire to have some minutes as a silent walk to fully enjoy the magic of the forest.

By the way: Almost always, when I go hiking with a group, I can observe: People do not each other at the beginning, and at the end, it feels almost like an old circle of friends. Though, it was just a hike, but somehow some magic happend.

Therefore, I organize hikes around Berlin (and soon in other regions of Germany or the World).

👷🏼‍♂️ For Organizations and Companies

Many organizations and companies rely on people working well together – and liking each other. Many organizations merely exist because many members looking for a sense of belonging, e.g. the Red Cross, Voluntary Fire Departments and many other associations of this kind.

We support you in developing strategies to help people find what they are looking for in your organization – real connection and a sense of belonging. We help people build a strong connection with each other while engaging in the mission of your organisation. A strong ingredient of a good friendship is: A shared mission. Why not a mission that aligns with your organization.

Hence, working with us should be a classical win-win for your organization and your members.

Thus, we offer:

  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Consulting & Strategy
  • Keynote Speeches

By the way: Please surprise us with your thoughts on how you can use the findings on legendary friendships for the purpose of your people and your organization.

I have been a business and strategy consultant as well as an facilitator and trainer for many huge organization already – with outstanding recommendations.


If you made it till here: You still have the opportunity to subscribe to the friendship-newsletter and receive the 30 pages ebook on “How to Build Great Friendships for Life”

You can also subscribe to the German speaking newsletter at the front page: www.abenteuer-freundschaft.de.

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